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Switzerland Visa

Schengen Visa

Visa Type

Tourist / Single Visa


10 to 15 working days after the date of lodging

Processing Fee

₱ 4800

Visa Fee

₱ 7500

Applicant Category

Category who can apply for tourist visa.

  • Employee
  • Business
  • Minors
  • Invitation
  • Visiting relatives
  • Company shouldered trip
  • For retiree

Request Form

Application forms below can be requested to our site.

Additional Information

  • Application forms should be in A4 size paper.
  • Copy documents must be in A4 size paper.
  • Additional requirements might be requested.
  • Result release date will still be subject to change. 
  • Personal appearance is required for Switzerland Embassy Visa Centre.
  • Embassy day Monday To Thursday at 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Important Notes

  • Visa fee rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The approval and denial of the application is subject to the embassy’s discretion.


Travel Information

  • Only fully vaccinated applicant/s are allowed to apply for tourist visa.
  • Travel insurance with covid coverage are the only accepted for the visa application.
  • List of Schengen recommended Insurance Companies in the Philippines As of 10/26/2021
    1. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc.
    2. Assist-Card
    3. Standard Insurance Co
    4. Starr International Insurance Philippines
    5. Pioneer Insurance and Surety Company

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