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Document Reservation Service

Documents Needed:

  • Tourist Visa, Invitation, or Sponsor Visa
  • For Single or Multiple Entry

Ticket Reservation

There is no need to pay the entire fare while applying for a visa. We provide the ticket reservation first to detail your departure and arrival itinerary.

Hotel Reservation

Your hotel/accommodation reservation is also required when submitting an application for visa processing. We determine the location and length of your stay in the country you are applying to. We provide the hotel certification/voucher required for your visa application.

Travel Itinerary

The itinerary is another important requirement in your visa application. We described your day-to-day activities in the country where you are applying in this section. To support your application as a tourist applicant.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a written statement that explains why you want to travel. These are vital documents to have when applying for a tourist visa, especially if you are going to a country that does not require a visa application appearance or interview.

Visa Appointment Schedule

Appointment or biometric scheduling for visa applications with countries that require an appointment.

Service Fee

₱ 2,500

  • A service fee is charged for each service user and per applicant.
  • Rates for the following service may change without prior notice.
  • Visa fees are not included with this service.
  • The service fee collected is strictly non-refundable once the application is denied or approved.

To avail of the service

  • Reservation Form for walk-in applicants.
  • Online applicants, please select your service below.

Additional Information

  • For online applicants, please provide your email address for the submission of your reservation.
  • Most of the embassies require an A4 size bond paper, we recommend printing the reservation documents to an A4 size bond paper.

Important Notes

  • The approval and denial of the application are subject to the embassy’s discretion.
  • The service you requested is an additional requirement to fill in for your visa application. And it’s not a guarantee that your visa application will be approved.


Travel Information

  • Fully vaccinated travelers are now allowed to travel in certain countries.
  • All travelers must have mandatory travel insurance including Covid coverage.
  • To avoid inconvenience with your application or departure process, we may recommend that you get travel insurance with Covid Coverage.

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