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Cebu Travel Guide

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Travel Information

  • All arriving guests are advised to get in touch with Local Government Unit of their destination in Cebu.
  • Persons below eighteen (18) years old, over sixty-five (65) years of age, person with comorbidities, or other health risks and pregnant women are not allowed allowed outside of their respective residences.
  • Traze App and Stay Safe app is required.

Travel PermissionAllowed with travel restriction from destination origin.
Resident and Non-Resident
Tour and other travel concerns

Travel Guide
Cebu City: ccg.travelpass@gmail.com
Lapu-Lapu City: info@lapulapucity.gov.ph / lapu2city.gov@gmail.com
Mandaue City: cmo@mandauecity.gov.ph / cmo.mandaue@gmail.com / tourism@mandauecity.gov.ph

Cebu Province Passenger Locator Form
1. A negative RT-PCR Test Result taken within the last 72 hours; or A negative Antigen Test Result taken within the last 72 hours
Exemption: children aged two (2) years and below.
2. Roundtrip ticket
3. DOT-Accredited accommodation
4. Government Issued ID
5. Approved S-Pass Registration
6. Medical Certificate
7. Must pass symptom screening at ports of entry and exit
Travel DetailsFor the latest advice, information and resources, go to:

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